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Each and every word we speak holds infinite power.

We are defined by the words that are spoken to us, over us, about us and through us. The words we choose to release about ourselves or about others can give life or destroy it.  

Speak Life and Live is also about waiting to speak, listening to the still small voice within to lead us in what we say, how we say it and sometimes...when not  to speak even one word.

Speak Life & Live was born out of necessity, growing from a place in my own life of pain to a place of compassion to help others gain victory.

I was on a path toward destruction, my tongue was loose, my words wielded immense pain in my own life and the life of others. I was out of line. I was hurting others with my words. I wasn't speaking life, in fact just the opposite. I was leading others but not in a good way, through complaining, judgement and gossip. I had become an open vessel to speaking death instead of life and it was becoming a monster. I was on a downward spiral as wife, mom, friend and leader in the church. Thankfully, someone was bold enough to confront me and speak life.


They held nothing back and all I was left with was to face the truth staring me in the mirror.

I made a choice that day to change the way I think, the way I listen and the way I speak.

I chose to speak life.


It's been a journey learning how to love. Understanding what it is to humble myself, become teachable, accountable and obedient. What changed the most was my speech. I began to understand the power of speaking life.

Life giving truth.


My speech transformed from a destructive tongue to a voice that sought to only speak life...and people noticed! It became infectious!  My choice to speak life and live...gave others cause to do the same.

The atmosphere in our lives changed, relationships became stronger, more authentic.

Speaking life is not easy, it is a discipline and I have developed tools to share with you to help you shift your atmosphere and learn to speak life and live the life you are me at live.

Whether you are searching for your identity, dealing with forgiveness issues or struggling to be free from guilt shame & condemnation, you have the power to change your current situation and begin living authentically.

You have the power to find your voice again to Speak Life & Live!

For more information on topics available to bring to your group visit the Speaking Events page.


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