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Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by.

I invite you to take a look around and get to know me a little better...  


The first thing I want to share with you is this:   I love my life!


My passion is to encourage, uplift and help others understand how amazing life can be when we learn to speak life and live authentically!  Whether I am sharing with a friend one-on-one over coffee, posting to my Facebook, writing on my blog or speaking from the stage; simply encouraging others is what I am meant to do.

Now... it's time to share a little of my story with you, I hope it will inspire and encourage you.



So what’s my story?


My identity was hidden behind the secrets...


Hearing the words “You were never wanted” turned my world upside down and sent me on an intensive search to find my true identity.  


Who am I? Why was I even born?


This journey could have led me down a path of hatred and strife, but instead I chose to Speak Life & Live. Even though a lifetime of secrets had been revealed, It didn’t take years of therapy or hashing out the details, freedom came in a moment, the healing was swift, because I trusted…it came with a decision.


I chose to forgive fully and completely.


The masks have been removed! I know who I am.


I know the truth of my true identity. I have found my voice again.

In the process of my own healing…a purpose emerged.


I am on a mission to help others find their true identity to break free from shame, guilt and condemnation and become who they were created to be…to live authentically.


I was created to Speak Life & Live.


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